Making New Memories

Diesel, the kids, and I all went on a family vacation, and we had a wonderful time. It kind of started out a little rocky due to me being in my feelings, but we talked through it and enjoyed our time.

I know you’re asking, so here’s what happened. I was about to let my past hinder my future. I thought back on some times that Tom did not follow through, and family vacations turned into just the kids and I. I made a last minute, rash decision to exclude Diesel.

Well, he wasn’t having it! Used his words and actions to reassure me that he was in this for the long haul and wanted to go on vacation with us and wanted to be apart of this family. So, I turned my ass around and we went on vacation TOGETHER.

And, it was nice. No fussing. No arguing. No dirty looks. No snide comments. Nothing but smiles and laughs and good times and new memories. And, he wouldn’t let me pay for anything. And, suggested things for us to do together.

I can get used to this. Real used to this.

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