Time To Play Catchup

Okay, let’s see…

My life has gone from happy, happy, joy, joy…to eh. Just when I thought things were finally looking up for me, shiddddd, shyt changed up on me.

Diesel proposed a year ago. I said yes. Wedding planning in full effect…dress bought, videographer/ photographer booked, venue, caterer, decor. Then, here he comes with some he said/she said shyt! Peter out here running his mouth trying to make it seem like he and I still talk on a regular and are in a situationship. Now, I literally have not had ANY contact with this dude in about 3 years because he talks too damn much! Like a lil bitch! He was already blocked from calling me, but 3 years ago, he ran his mouth and I blocked his ass on everything.

Now, what drives me is that he has a whole wife! So, why is he out here trying to make people think he’s cheating on her? Is he that hard up to cause problems for me to where he doesn’t care if he fucks up his marriage in the process? I never figured him to be a bitch ass nigga, but I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since I used to get a lot of juicy gossip from him. He gossips like a woman, so only fitting that he’d do some bitch ass shyt like this.

Sooo, 2 months before the wedding, we called it off. Diesel talking bout he gotta get to the bottom of this Peter shyt. I’m saying we ain’t got nothing if we don’t have trust. Like why Diesel can’t see this Peter shyt for what it is—a scorned nigga trying to stir up shyt—is beyond me. Like dude, this MF wants what you got! Sighhhhh

I don’t do bitch niggas. I don’t want no man who can’t take his L and gone on about his business. I cut that shyt off with the quickness. I don’t have to be told/asked to dead the shyt. I handle that shyt on my own!

So Diesel and I have been barely talking to each other every since. And, when we do, he wants to bring this shyt up, which always ends in an argument. I’m so tired of him and this shyt!

Supposedly, I’m supposed to be remorseful. But, how? Diesel wants me to be so sorry and kiss his ass to make up for this. But, I don’t kiss ass, so I don’t know how to grovel to let him know that I’m not cheating. I’m not guilty of anything, so how can I show remorse?

I guess we’re going to have to go on Maury so I can see what the lie detector says.

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