What have you been up to, Girl?

Shyt! Nothing! I’ve just been trying to survive out here in these Covid streets.

Did I tell you that we moved to another state almost 4 years ago? Yep, we moved. Diesel, the boys, and I. We love it here! So much to do, although I’m still using my GPS just to get to and from work. Lol Better schools and opportunities for the boys. Glad to have finally made the leap of faith and move.

I found a job before moving here, and I loved it…prior to Covid. Dealing with a pandemic, takes a toll on your emotional, mental, social, and physical well being. I was burned out, so I found a new job. Now, I work from home and I love it! It’s easy peasy, doesn’t require much thought, no micro management, and, best of all, no Covid from peopling. Exactly what I need to help restore my well being.

My life is pretty boring now though, since losing my village of support. All I do now is work, watch Tv, and scroll through IG. That’s it. Boring ass life. And I hate it!

I miss the excitement that my life used to have. Don’t get me wrong, I do not miss the drama! But, I do miss having a life outside of work and kids. I miss being someone other than mommy and significant other. There’s just so much more to being me.

So, this year, I resolve to get back to me! Yep, I’m bringing sexy back. Lol Even if it’s more of a refined version of the woman I used to be.

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