And, Yet, Here We Are

I am not sure how we got here, so fast, but we are here. By we, I mean Diesel and I. We have officially decided to live together. Wait! What?! Yep! He’s moving in, in a couple of weeks.

How did this happen? So soon?! My head is spinning. We’re speeding; full speed ahead! Our relationship is progressing as it should, just faster than normal. Is this good or bad? Will we crash and burn? Or, will our speed level off, and we’ll set our cruise control for the rest of the ride?

I have not lived with a man in over 20 years! So, I do not know how this shyt works. The last time, it lasted about a month before I said fuck this shyt and left, taking the toilet tissue off the roll with me. KML Yep, I was just that petty. I bought it, so it was mine. KML

But, for real though, how am I going to do this?! I’ve been doing “this” on my own for soooo long. So, how do I now go to living with someone? Another adult? 2 grown folks? In one house?

My grandmother used to say, “Two grown folks in one house, don’t work. One of them has to lead. One has to submit.” I thought she only meant a parent/child relationship, because she’d usually say this when one of us grandkids was being disrespectful. But, this applies to ANY situation where 2 grown folks are together. Someone HAS to submit.

Now, I was raised to have what some would call “old fashioned” ways and beliefs. I believe in traditional roles. That the man is the head of the household, and as such, he should provide, protect, and profess his love for me in every way possible. And, I am his helpmate. That’s not to say that I am inferior to him, but that if he’s doing what I feel he’s supposed to do, then I trust him to lead the family in the right direction.

With that being said, I’m about to do something I’ve never had to do in a relationship. I’m going to…gasp…SUBMIT…gasp…to him.

I’ll most definitely keep you posted on how this shyt goes.

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