A Lot Has Happened…

In a month…

Diesel and I are still going strong. The relationship has been going really well. The kids love him and anticipate his return home from work. They are all still learning each other, so we have had a couple of hiccups with challenging his authority, but that’s to be expected. He has been very patient with the kids and that makes me love him even more.

And, yep, I said love. We’ve both exchanged the love word. He slipped and said he loved me when he was saying bye one day. He didn’t even realize that he had said it. I was shocked and took that opportunity to evaluate my feelings for him.

A couple days later, I brought it up and he was a little taken back that he’d said it, even though he said he’d been feeling it for awhile. Then, he asked how I felt. Don don donnnnnnn…

Well, I didn’t say it back. I did tell him that I cared about him very much, but I told him that when I tell him that I love him, I wanted him to KNOW that I meant it. And, he understood that.

And then, I took some time to figure out exactly how I felt. Talked it over with some friends who I knew would keep it real with me, and realized that I loved him, too.

A different kind of love. Not a giddy, sweaty palm, or burning type of love. But, a respectful, secure, trusting, enduring love. A lasting love…

I’m in love…and it happened so unexpectedly…

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