Whew! What a relief!

After some thought, Diesel has met the kids. And, it went very well. Better than I expected actually. The oldest is so nonchalant about everything, until I really can’t judge his reaction. But, the youngest ones LOVE him! There were no awkward moments. They took right to him.

Whew! What a relief! I’m so happy that they seem to like him. I’m always reminded that you can’t fool children. They are able to pick up on things about a person that an adult may not. Usually, if a child doesn’t like someone, there’s a very good reason. So, when they took to him right off, I knew it was a good sign.

He’s good with them, too. He has kids of his own, but they are all pretty much grown. I’d probably run away from someone with small kids if my kids were grown. Hell, who wants to start over with raising kids?! But, he seems to enjoy spending time with them, and has even made plans for us that include them.

Last night, they actually left me alone to go hang out with him. All of them on the sofa, watching tv…they didn’t even do that with their dad. They would still come wherever I was periodically. Last night, I was able to cook in peace and had to go get them when the food was ready.

Ahhhhhhh…A girl can get used to this…

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