Don’t Lie, Craig!!

I have such a strong dislike for Tom. I don’t want to use the word hate, but it’s pretty damn close.

He finally decided to call the kids last week. This was after two months of not seeing or talking to them. Of course, he texted me asking about me first. I never responded to my wellbeing, but gave him the kid’s numbers to call them. He called about 3 hours later. SMDH

Then, promptly lied to them about coming to see them. That shyt just irks my damn nerves!!! Why lie to them? I know they asked him when he was coming, but damn!!! He could have said I don’t know, or I’m not sure, or soon, hell. He didn’t have to lie to my babies like he was coming that week.

That puts me in an awkward position. I try so hard not to bad mouth him in front of the kids. And, I haven’t. But, he’s making it very difficult to keep it up. Every time they ask me if he’s coming today, I have to come up with an excuse for him. I want to scream HELL NO BECAUSE YOUR DADDY IS A LYING SON OF BITCH!!! But, I refrain, and usually just say, I don’t know, sweetie. Sighhhhhhh

I’ll be glad when it gets better…

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