He Ain’t Man Enough For Me

Just when I was going to try to overlook those things about Dick that I dislike, that motherfucker decides to shine those things bright like a damn diamond. Fuck!

I can’t. I. Can. Not.

I don’t like him. There! I said it! Whew!!! Shyt! He irks my motherfucking nerves. He’s a selfish ass prick! I tried. I fucking tried. But, I ain’t gonna be able to do it.

I’m over pretending to like his ass in the hopes that he will be the man that I want. (And, I’m a damn good actress because he thinks I love his stanky draws, and, really, he makes my asshole itch.) Shyt, if he hasn’t shown me in 3 years, he’s definitely shown me that he ain’t man enough for me. I mean, I figured that since I was now the “girlfriend”, that he’d come on into the “boyfriend” role. Nope!

Now, don’t get me wrong, he knows how to be a great boyfriend. He just doesn’t want to be one. To ME. He likes to show me off though. Always FaceTiming me so that I can meet this person and the next, but anytime I ask him to do something that primarily benefits me, he’s full of excuses. I ask him about taking a weekend getaway, and it’s “I gotta work.” I invite him to shyt, and it’s “baby, I can’t do that drive”, or “I gotta see what my check looking like on Friday.” But, he can take off to go to All-Star weekend with his boys, or take a trip that he conveniently fails to mention to me until the day before?!

Mannnnn, FUCK YOU!!! With a dirty, nasty, nut butter dick! I’m not continuing to do this shyt. I don’t love you. I don’t even like you.

The last couple of weeks, he’s been distant anyway. We barely talk. He barely calls, texts (unless it’s to show me off to friends, like see I do have a girlfriend), and I don’t call or text either. He went through some things that had him depressed and was feeling less than man. I helped that nygga through that shyt. Now, he’s on his way back to where he was career wise and financially, and he’s been going out more and spending money that he claims he doesn’t have. Shyt, nygga!! I can’t tell! But, that’s a typical man for you. You pick him up and dust his ass off, and they forget all the help you gave them. I’ll get enough one day. Well, that day is here.

But, while he’s thinking he’s being distant with me and don’t need this naïve and country girl no more, he doesn’t even know that I’ve already been gone. I’m sickud! I ain’t doing it! Just not gonna be able to do it. Not in 2018. Nope!

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