Been a Long Time Coming

Let me update you on what went down with Tom. Hell, I can’t even think about that nygga without shaking my damn head (smdh) and sucking my damn teeth (smdt)!! It was a long damn time coming, but this day has finally, FINALLY, FINAL FUCKING LY arrived! The day when I feel nothing for him other than disgust and contempt. It took so much! Hell, I took so much!

It all came to a head around Christmas. He basically got caught up in his lies and trying to play all sides. I really do think that he thinks that we are all so damn simple and that he’s a fucking genius. That he can basically tell us anything and we will believe him, or that he thinks he’s such a great guy until we will put up with his shyt, just to have him in our lives. TUH!

I mean, I did it. I did. Shyt! I should have left that nygga a long, long, long, LONG time ago. Now, I will give him that when he’s with you, he has a way of making you forget, or at least push to the very back corner of your mind, all of the lies, all of the cheating, all of the outside children, every fucking thing! You just become dumb as fuck!! You KNOW better! You KNOW he’s a fuck ass nygga, yet, you stay. Welp! Not me! Not anymore!

His THIRD damn baby momma called me while he was with her, for, um, clarification. I laughed at the little bitch. Like little girl, really?! What’s there to clarify? If he’s not with me, he’s with you. When he’s not with you, he’s with me. We can both tell that because we are dumb enough to post this nygga all over our social media pages, while he ain’t posting us on shyt. Hell, he CAN’T!

Although, I laughed and joked at her ass during the call for calling me (calling me blocked at that–little girl shyt) with the dumb shyt, that shyt PISSED ME ALL THE WAY OFF!!! I wanted to go back to my damn ancestors from the 1500s, and hock up some spit and spit that shyt dead in his motherfucking face! I wanted to destroy some shyt! Mainly, his face. And, his dick. Definitely, his dick. But, after about 15 minutes, and while getting dressed to take a little ride (yep, I was headed his way), I felt this calmness take over me. I realized it wasn’t even worth it. HE wasn’t even worth it. Never was. Never will be. And, I KNEW I was completely done with him. And, I think he realizes that he fucked up this time, and that there’s no return.

It’s been well over a month, and I have not had any contact with him. I have not called nor texted him since that incident. He sent a “hey” text like 2 weeks later, but I did not respond.  I have blocked him (and her lurking ass too) on all my social media. I don’t need him being able to see what I’m doing, and I definitely don’t want her dumb ass going back and telling him or screenshotting what’s on my damn page for him. Yep, she did that! smdh

He probably thinks I’ve blocked his number, but I haven’t. No need. I can not answer; I can not respond. I can do that shyt now. Plus, I wouldn’t block him from calling or seeing the kids. However, since her little “clarification” call, he’s chosen NOT to.

That’s right! He has not called or seen my kids in over a month. The true character of a man…I guess since I’m done with him, he feels that the kids are, too. Funny thing is, my kids have not even asked about him; haven’t asked to call or see him. Not even once. It’s like they said good damn riddance, too. And, I am thankful for that actually. I really don’t even want to deal with him.

So, that’s pretty much it. It’s OVER with him. I’m DONE!

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