Do It For The Gram

About 2 weeks ago, I decided to make an Instagram page to try to bring traffic to my blog. I want some readers, dammit!!! I know that I can not possibly be the only one who is going through these things, and dammit, I want some dialogue! I want some comments! I want some “Me Too”s!!

I’ve been following random people whose IG page appears interesting, or their profile pic or IG name caught my attention. Hell, this page has more followers than my own page! But, I still need and want to get my followers up without paying for them.

I’ve mainly been posting memes, because, of course, I can not post any pics. I’m incognito, you know. lol I don’t need anyone recognizing me and blowing my cover.

So, I’ll just wait it out and see how this goes…


Let's Talk About It

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