Ringing in the New Year

For the first time in probably 13 years, I brought the New Year in with a man. This is huge, as there has always been some excuse as to why I never was around anyone with whom to share that New Year kiss. Ohhhhhh, I’d get the text messages or calls about 10-15 minutes into the New Year, but for some reason, we just couldn’t bring the New Year in TOGETHER. BAER!

There was the “I always bring the New Year in, in church” excuse. Nygga, you ain’t been to church all damn year, but tonight you all of a sudden have a burning desire to go?! Yeahhhh, okay. Talking bout, “They want me to be on the grill and cook the meat.” Boy, I’ve had your grilled meat before, and it ain’t all that. If you’re grilling outside the church, then FaceTime me. I’ll wait…

There was the “I just want to spend time with my kids” excuse. Nygga, you ain’t spent time with your kids all damn year, but tonight you want to play father of the year?! Yeahhhh, okay. “I just want to have a barn fire and pop firecrackers with my kids.” If you’re standing around a barn fire with your kids, then FaceTime me. I’ll wait…

There was the–starting an argument a couple days before so that we wouldn’t be on speaking terms during that time–excuse. This way, he could hit me with the “Happy New Year! You should be here with me. I’m sorry for everything I said/did and this year will be better for us. I love you and miss you so much!” But, when you call instead of texting him, you don’t get an answer. And the next day, he says his phone chose that moment to not have service, or that he didn’t hear the phone ring, or he put his phone in his pocket immediately after texting you and didn’t see your call until much later and by then, he figured you were sleep. Yeahhhh…okay. If you love me so much, then FaceTime me. I’ll wait…

Oh, there were so many excuses…But not this year! This year, a man actually planned to ring in the New Year with me.

Dick actually asked and wanted me to be beside him when the New Year rolled in. How bout dat?! I was actually shocked, as over the course of our 3 year situationship, he’s been with the excuses, too. And, even though we made plans to be together, I still didn’t think we actually would. I figured he’d come with some fuck shyt on December 30, but nope. Hell, I didn’t even plan for a sitter. Kml Shyt, I was scrambling around on NYE trying to find someone to keep my kids for 3 days. Kml Do you know how difficult that was?! Butttttt, I did it and was able to hit the road.

He actually surprised me with hard to get, expensive ass, damn near front row seats to an awesome show. We had discussed it several times, but he kept saying the tickets were too high for good seats. I figured we’d just find a party at a club or lounge to go to. Imagine my surprise when I got to his house and he told me our plans! I had less than an hour to get dressed! I ended up putting makeup on in the car, and let me tell you, that’s not easy to do. Lol

We had a wonderful time! We enjoyed the show, which had a confetti and balloon drop at midnight. We shared our New Year’s kiss as confetti and balloons dropped from the rafters. I was so happy in that moment! My phone was in my hand on camera mode, and I was unknowingly taking pics during all of this, and managed to get some awesome off guard shots of me that show just how happy I was. I looked through my pics and were like wowwwwww!

So, I’m thinking, Dick may not be so bad afterall. I mean, he’s not, and has not been, perfect. He’s not even my “type” of man. But, it seems he’s making an effort to show me that he wants this…wants me.

I can’t help but be skeptical of his true feelings and motives, given everything that I’ve been through. But, I’ve decided to give it a shot. Hell, I’ve given more to others who have made less of an effort, so why not?

So, in that moment, with confetti and balloons raining down on us, I shared a kiss with Dick, and, I realized that…we go together. Let’s see what happens…2018 please be good to me!

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