Uhhhh…love life?! What love life?!

So much has happened in the last almost 2 months since my last post. Let’s see if I can bring you up to speed.

Tom–Well, he popped his ass up and wore me down with some bomb ass clit sucking, ass licking, and dick stroking. You know, the usual. My social media petty side also got the best of me, and I went with it. I shouldn’t have done any of that–fucking him again or social media pettiness, but it was fun while it lasted. Which wasn’t that damn long. It only lasted about a month before he was back into his old ways and I was over it. There’s more to this story, which I will share in a separate post.

Dick–He has, surprisingly, been on the up and up so far. We’ve been doing okay relationship-wise. He’s letting me in more of his inner circle and trusting me with more of his world. Hummm…there’s more to this story as well, and it, too, will be a separate post.

Peter–He’s still texting daily, asking when he can eat my pussy again? Nygga, it’s been over a year, what you think?! I think he wants to redeem himself since I told him it wasn’t as great as he thought. But, shyt, I don’t have time for teaching someone who ain’t mine. Plus, he seems to think it’s cute to inform me of all the pussy he’s eating and head he’s getting–not from his wife btw–, and give me explicit details, photos, and videos. It ain’t. It’s just ensuring that you won’t eat mine again. He claims he’s not sticking his dick in any pussies or asses, but come on! I mean, how many times can you meet up to JUST eat pussy or sick dick, before that shyt gets old? Whatever, man! You ain’t gotta lie to me, Craig!!!

Art–We are still playing cat and mouse with each other. We text each other every couple of days. We may talk on the phone once a week. Our schedule doesn’t really align. Eh…Kanye shrug

Chief–We are still flirting whenever we see each other. That’s about it. The last time I saw him, I told him I was moving. He gave me a really long hug and asked me not to leave. He said he wasn’t ready for me to leave yet. Not sure what that was all about. Hell, how you don’t want me to leave but scared to give me a reason to stay? I don’t have time to play with him or stick around waiting on him to get enough courage to do something about his attraction to me.

Okay, so that’s my love life…or lack there of…



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