Isn’t It Funny How…

When one thing is falling apart, something else begins to work out? 

Wellll, here comes Dick, right around the same time as the issues with Tom, with the whole let’s be together and you and the kids should move in with me. Say what now?! What in the entire fuck?!

Where in the hell is Tink Tink?! So apparently, they’re not together anymore. I later found out that she left him for reasons that did not include me. She and I had a 9 hour all night chit chat one night and boy was it eye opening. She told me a lot of things about him of which I was not aware. She shed some truth on some things that he’d also lied about. Men, and their unnecessary lies. 

Now, I’m supposedly the girlfriend, I guess. Complete with going to events with his friends and NFL games. He’s much more attentive and calls and texts and lets me know everything. He’s not been MIA since he dropped the let’s be together bombshell on me. 

And, I’m not sure about any of this. I’m not sure of my feelings for him. He’s cool and all, but I don’t think I love him like I should, if this is going to work. 

I’m not sure if he feels what he should feel for me or if I’m just a proxy for Tink Tink? 

I guess what they say is real: if you can’t be with the one you love, you better love the one you’re with…this is all moving too fast.


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