What the…


So, in late September, found out a lot of shyt on Tom. Starting with his BM’s last name. Once I had that info, I could play PI. 

And, boy was I not ready for what I found. 

Here it was, that moment that I’d waited damn near 11 years for, he and his wife were separated and getting a divorce. She’d met someone else and had moved in with him. She’d finally agreed to a divorce. Finally!!!! 

But, something was still off. Once I went looking, I realized what it was. 

He was still involved with his BM. After all of the lies, there the evidence was. Right there in plain sight. If only I’d known her last name sooner…humph

They’d been to Vegas. They’d been to concerts. They’d done family photos. And every time, he was either with me immediately before or after. 

When confronted, he did not deny any of it. In fact, he said many things. Many awful things. Things he’d never said to me before. Things he will never be able to take back. Things I will never EVER forget. 

I was livid! I was also devastatingly hurt. I couldn’t eat or sleep for about a week. Oddly enough though, I did not cry. Not one single tear. To this day, I have not cried. I literally refuse to give him that satisfaction. 

He’s done enough to me over the years. I’m NOT gonna cry. He’s not worth my tears. 

“Eleven years, out of my life. Without the kids, I have nothing to show. Wasted my years…I should have left your ass a long time ago!”–MJB

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