All Over Some Dick

While I’m over here struggling with my love life or lack thereof, my BFF friendship fell apart. 

Apparently, I’m a whore and I’m always chasing dick and don’t have enough time to spend with or devote to her. Wait! What?! 

So back when shyt went hella left with Tom, I made plans to have a girls weekend to wild out. Kinda like a fuck niggas, they ain’t shyt type of weekend. It ended up being like a month out due to our schedules. 

Welllllll, closer to the weekend, I was no longer on the fuck niggas, they ain’t shyt train. I was communicating with Dick and was like I’m probably going to see him while there. It wasn’t set in stone, but BFF and I had discussed it. 

BFF suggested that I see him on Friday and gone get him out the way, so we could kick it Saturday night. I told her that if I saw him Friday, I was probably gonna see him Saturday night, too. I mean, why not, right? I still planned on kicking it with her on Saturday and when we were done, I would head to his house. Two birds; one stone. 

And, that’s what I did. I didn’t decide until I was at her house Friday night, that I was going to see Dick. BFF and I picked up a package for Saturday, then I headed to his house. 

I got up early and was at BFF’s house by 9:30. We went shopping for her house warming gift and then went back to her house and hung out until it was time for our first outing of the night. 

When that was over, we decided to go back to her house since it was still a little too early to go to the club. Welllll, we never went back out. We got to drinking and laughing and talking; BFF got on the phone with her new boo, holding a private conversation with him, and the next thing I know, it’s after midnight. 

Soooo, I left and headed to Dick’s house. I mean, what sense did it make to get to a club at 1, pay to get in, for 2 hours? None to me. 

Before I left, Dick called and asked me to hang out with him the next day for awhile before I left. BFF and I discussed it, and she encouraged me to go because I was skeptical about going. I really didn’t have anything to wear and needed to head back home early. 

The next day, Dick and I hung out. My mom called and agreed to keep the kids so I could stay an extra day. My mom is wonderful when she wants to be. So, with that news, Dick made more plans for us. Cool! Let’s get it! Now, one of the plans, BFF had asked me to do, but I declined due to the price and my lack of interest in the event. I only went because Dick was interested and he was paying. 

Welllllll, I made the mistake, unbeknownst to me that it was a mistake, of letting BFF know what we were doing. She jumped all kinds of degrees hot. She said I was wrong for going with Dick when she had asked me first, I should have invited her once the plans changed and I was staying another night, that she set aside things she needed to do for me, she thought this weekend was about fuck niggas; they ain’t shyt, I didn’t spend any time with her that weekend and that the weekend was all about Dick; the man and the penis, and SHE hadn’t even been to one of the places we went to yet. Said that’s all I think about and it’s like I can’t come there without getting peen. Say what now?! 

First of all, BFF don’t even like Dick. So why would I invite her? Secondly, I spent ALL day with BFF on Saturday. Thirdly, the plans changed unexpectedly. Had my mom not agreed to keep my kids, I would have been headed right on to the house. Fourthly, remember Dick is trying to show me that he wants me as the girlfriend, so why would I invite BFF to plans that HE made for HE and I? Fifth, remember BFF doesn’t like Dick. Tell me why would I invite her to spend the whole day around someone she doesn’t like? Sixth, why not get some peen while there? I mean, I’m a sexual person and I have needs. I’m in my sexual prime! Since I have a peen there, why can’t I use it? Two birds; one stone. Seventh, I told BFF before I came, that I was probably going to see Dick. See earlier conversation about seeing him again on Saturday. Eighth, I have come there several times, and didn’t see Dick or get any peen. And, yes, Dick and I were on good terms. I just wanted to prove a point to him that I could be in his city and not see him. Ninth, plans can, and do, change. Yes, I first wanted a fuck niggas, they ain’t shyt weekend, and it probably could have happened liked that had it happened within 2 weeks of the whole Tom situation. But, since it was a month later, I was over it. Tenth, shyt, I think that’s all. Lol

I’ve tried to look at this from every angle I can. I’ve had several people look at this from both sides. And, I’m still lost on wth happened. I swear I’m trying to understand BFF’s feelings, but I’m really having a difficult time with it. 

Everyone I’ve talked to about it said it sounds like she has lesbian feelings for me and doesn’t want me to be with ANY man. Nahhhh can’t be because she’s very homophobic. So much so, that if we have to sleep in the same bed, she puts pillows between us and we don’t even dress or undress in front of each other. So, she can’t be a lesbian, right?!

The next thing they said was that she must have been praying for Dick and I’s downfall and his taking me places and being around his friends and people, screwed up her plans to see another one of my relationships fail. Nahhhhh can’t be that because she’s my BFF, right?! And, she just wants me happy no matter who it is that does it for me, even if she doesn’t particularly like it. Right?! 

Shyt, I don’t know. I just know we’re no longer BFFs. Plans she and I were making for us have been completely aborted and now we’re going with other people. We don’t call, text, DM, tag each other, like each other’s posts…nothing. All over some DICK…

All over some dick…

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