Paragons of Everything Taurus

So, while I was away in ATL, I met up with Dick. Yeah, yeah…I know…

I mentioned that I’d be in town and he wanted to see me. I didn’t see him the first night and he was too shocked. Sent me text messages all hurt and in his feelings because he thought for sure, I’d see his ass. Begging to see me, so, I said cool. I definitely wasn’t going to his house, so we made a date to meet up for dinner. Alright, cool…

Dinner was nice. We went to one of my favorite places. We laughed and talked like old times. We also discussed past events that led to us not speaking for the last damn near 3 months. Although, I don’t think that we really got to the root of the issue. Like, one 2 hour long conversation can not sum up 2.5 years. But, I did feel like he was honest about a few things, and of course, evasive on a lot. But, so was I. We were both very careful in how we said things and how we answered questions. Both being paragons of everything Taurus.

I BEEN told him this shyt wouldn’t work. We are too much alike. Both alpha personalities. Both stubborn as hell. Both want it my way. Both can take it or leave it. Both with other people in our lives, that we just aren’t going to give up.

After dinner, we both went our separate ways. He went to a party, and I went to the strip club. lol He called and texted me all damn night trying to see me. I knew I was going to end up at his place, but wanted to make him sweat a little. I wanted him to go all out once I got there. By holding out, I got him to finally agree to eat my ass. YAYYYYY!!!

And, he did. He was a little timid at first, but I guess he decided to just go all in and go for it. He really did a great job on the oral. I came twice. No complaints there.

But, the sex was…was…lacking. It’s always been just okay. But, this time, it was blahhhhh. He talks wayyyy too damn much. Asking me if I missed the dick? No. Do I love him? No. You love this dick, don’t you? No. Saying shyt like, you ain’t going nowhere. Boy, bye! I already been gone.

I tried to end the madness real quick, but he kept changing damn positions to prolong his orgasm. Which is another thing I don’t like. Stop changing positions every damn 2 minutes!! Damn!!!! Wanting to stop and take breaks and shyt. Going to get water. Going back down and eating me for a little while. Now, that was okay. lol But, all of that other shyt? Nahhhhh…just come on and bust so I can go.

He prolonged that shyt for damn near 2 hours!!! I had every intention of leaving afterwards, but shyt, I was tired when we finally finished. Like, worn the fuck out! He had to bring me a hot, soapy towel, because I wasn’t moving. Just let me roll over and go the fuck to sleep! Shyt!! 6am in the damn morning?!?! Tuh!

And, to top it off, I didn’t have not one orgasm from penetration. Not a one. All of that effort on his part, and not a single one.

And, now…he thinks everything is back to the way it was before. Face palm…sighhhhh How did I let this shyt happen?


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