Create In Me…Myself

I need to recreate myself. Do a reinvention of sorts. Maybe, not a total makeover, but maybe just finding myself, within myself.

I feel like this is not my life. I mean, is THIS really what my life is supposed to be like? Work, work, work, work, work…kids, kids, kids, kids? I mean, yeah, I do go on a few trips here and there, and one major trip a year, but what else? There HAS to be something else. Right?!

Maybe, I need a career change? Hummm…I’ve been in this profession for 17 years. I’ve been in just about every aspect of it. What else could I do? I could go back to school for a more advanced degree, but then what? I don’t have the time and energy to devote to school right now. Plus, I already have a MBA, I don’t really want an advanced degree in my field. That comes with more liability and work…and I’m not really a fan of work…

Maybe, I could just switch careers altogether? But, what else am I good at, that pays a shyt load of money? Hummm…I thought about selling my worn panties to those who have a fetish for that, you know, like on OITNB. But, I’m not so sure I want my DNA just floating around somewhere…Plus, I’m not too sure on how to start doing this. Anyone know? lol Just playing…I think…

Maybe, I need a change of scenery? I need to move away. That could be arranged. My job is very portable. Pick a place, and move. But, then, I’d lose my very strong support system. I NEED them. I would not know how to live if I had to have my kids ALL of the time. And, I’m not exaggerating. No help from my mother or grandmother or father or stepmother or sisters or…well, you get the picture. I have lots of help. Moving will mean just me and my kids. Alone. With only each other. Yikes! I’m not sure if we like each other like that. kml

So, with my kids gone, and my house empty, I need to do some soul searching. I need to figure out my life’s path and why I was created. I just don’t think I was born to be ordinary. Nothing’s wrong with ordinary. We need ordinary people, too. But, I feel deep within me, that I was born to be GREAT and to do GREAT things…

I’m getting on up there in age though…so I need start making my greatness happen…time’s running out…




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