Been A Long Time

Damn! It’s been 14 days since I last posted anything. Didn’t realize it had been that long. Let’s catch you up.

My nest is empty. All of my kids are currently gone and I’m loving it. I am foot loose and fancy free. But, I don’t have no damn where to go and nothing to do. lol I go to work and come home. Eat and bed. I don’t have any single or childless kids here, so there’s no one to do anything with. Hell, I’m getting so much rest and relaxation, my BP is now 100/60. I’ve been trying to tell people that my kids are trying to kill me. They won’t believe me though. lol

Sooo, I went to the ATL a couple of weekends ago. I had fun. Played golf. Went to a picnic. Hung out at a strip club until closing. Fucked Dick. Tried some edibles that didn’t do shyt. Smoked hookah. Yeah, I had a great time.

Andddd, that’s pretty much it. Like literally, all I’ve been doing is going to work and back home. I’ve been working extra shifts, too. Might as well hell. Ain’t shyt else to do.

I need to take this time to do something for me. But, what? I definitely could use a spa day. But, I like to have my spa days in ATL, with the happy endings. lol Maybe a trip somewhere? I’d love to go to the beach and just lounge in the sun with a nice breeze flowing and watch the pretty blue water and waves.

That’ll have to wait though, because I’m working extra this weekend as well. Maybe next weekend? Nope, I’m working extra then, too. Or Fourth of July weekend…yeah, that sounds nice…




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