You Picked The Wrong One, Bruh

I have got to fill you in about Dick. This nigga here…He’s a trip and a half…

So, remember he was all in his feelings about me not calling him for his birthday, so he actually called me? Well, he’s been calling every since.

He texted and called me on my birthday. Actually stayed up until it was 12:01 his time to do it. Like lame or what? But, actually had the nerve to say, he was just calling his “friend” on her birthday. Boy, bye!

So, supposedly, he still loves me and wants to get back together. Say what now? First of all, we were never together. Secondly, you never loved me. Third, where is Tink Tink?

Of course, he doesn’t want to discuss Tink Tink. That means she is still in the picture. So, why are you missing me then? Oh, yeah, because he misses our conversations. BAER! Really, now? Well, talk to Tink Tink. That’s her job to converse with you. And, if her conversations are lacking, then you picked the wrong one, Bruh.

Let’s be straight up. What you miss is this box. Don’t try insult my intelligence. I took my sandbox and went home. And, you want to play on my beach. Well, that’s not happening any time soon. So, you better get Tink Tink on board with the sexcapades. Again, if she’s not satisfying you sexually, then you picked the wrong one, Bruh.

Bottom line…if it ain’t me that you choosing, then you picked the wrong one, Bruh.


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