Awful Start

My vacation had an awful start. First off, my flight was delayed. Just fucking great! Delta gave me the option to change flights, but none would put me at the destination before 6pm. So, I stay with the delayed flight.

I have a layover at LAX. Not that big of an airport, so I should still be able to make my connection. I originally had a 45 minute layover. Now, I’m down to 30.

However, Delta decided to switch terminals on Saturday; one of the busiest ass travel days. WTF?! So, now I’m just hoping and praying that my arrival gate and departure gate are in the same terminal.

So, the pilot gets us there ahead of schedule. We actually land at the original arrival time of 9:15. I’m like greattttttt!!!! But, nerp!!!! When I turn on my phone, I see that Delta has rebooked my flight. WTF?! I’m now on a different airline altogether. WTF?!

I’m like nooooooooooo! I can still make my flight. The departure gate was in the same terminal and everything. Just 4 gates down. I can make that easy. I was prepared to run to the gate and try to get on the flight.

Welllllllll, that could have happened, had we not sat on the damn tarmac for 30 fucking minutes waiting on a gate. I was beyond pissed! No Delta flight for me. Now, I’m stuck with having to go with this other airline if I want to get to Mexico before 7pm. I go ahead and accept the flight change; at no charge to me. You’re damn right at no charge.

So, I get off the plane and go to the counter at the gate, and inquire about this new airline and what I need to do now. He was the most unhelpful. He couldn’t tell me anything useful other that the airline was in Terminal 3. That’s it. Couldn’t tell me the flight number. Couldn’t tell me if my luggage would be taken to the new airline. Couldn’t tell me if I had actually been assigned a seat. Nothing! I wanted to curse his not knowing shyt ass out sooooo bad. But, I refrained.

I make it to the other terminal and look at the monitors to find my flight. I get to the gate and they are boarding! But, at least I have a seat. However, I don’t even have time to piss. I’m like this is fucking great! Now, I gotta use the lavatory on the plane, which I have never done before. Turned out to not be so bad though. Small and cramped, but I was able to relieve myself.

And, this is where my day began to look up. I was able to have a whole row of seats to myself to stretch out and began pre prepping for vacation mode. Ahhhhh…I pulled out my blanket and propped my feet up on the seat and got comfy. Of course, I had to wait until the captain turned off the seat belt sign.

So, I made it to Mexico about an hour later than my original time. Not too bad. Could have definitely been worse had I stayed on with Delta. The other airline wasn’t bad at all. I’m just used to flying Delta or Southwest and would prefer to stay with them.

And, my luggage made it on to the plane and arrived with me. I was worried that it wouldn’t make it with so little time and that I’d have to get it with the next Delta flight arrival. But, nerp!

I really prayed that the return flight was nothing like this one.


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