All in His Feelings

Sooooo, guess who just called me?! On HIS birthday?! Dick, chile…big ass eye roll!

He had texted me earlier saying he thought that in spite of everything, I’d still call him on his birthday. For real?! Nahhh, nigga. Didn’t we already tell each other happy birthday earlier in the month when you called me?

I didn’t respond to the text and did not plan on responding. So, I guess he decided to call me and see what was up. Boy, is it that serious? I mean, like really? It was really bothering you that I did not call or text you on your birthday, huh? Awwwww, you were in your feelings?

Had the nerve to ask me, if I was going to call him? Nerp! That wasn’t in my plans. Nigga, I hadn’t talked to you in damn near 3 months, when you call me on May 2nd. I’m good on not calling you; not having any communication whatsoever with you. Ok?

Talking about it’s awkward to talk to me like this; with just pleasantries. That’s because we don’t have anything to talk about. How’s Tink Tink? I’m sure she has something wonderful planned for you today. If not, you picked the wrong one…

He doesn’t care that I didn’t call him. He cares that I have moved on and won’t play the game with him anymore. Nerp! I took my ball and left the court. My ball…my rules…and you broke them by having and lying about Tink Tink.

Let me be clear…I wasn’t perfect, but this shyt ain’t worth it. I’m done with the mess. I confess on the stress. And, I know I’ma look back and call it a blessing…

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