Here We Go Again

So, it’s time to go home. I have a flight, but it puts me getting in really, really late. Add, the drive home and it will be damn near time to wake up for work. Yes, I had to go to the work the next day. I checked the app, and I could get on the same flight my friend was on and make it home 3 hours early. Ok, bet!

So, I contacted Delta to try to change my flight back. After speaking to 3 different people and departments, I was told that I’d have to contact the agency I booked the vacation with, and there would be a $250 change fee, plus the price of the difference of the tickets. Bihhhhhh, what?! I’m looking at the ticket online and the fare is $254. I know you lying!!!

I was like fuck it! I’ll just ask when we get to the airport. I get there, and nope! The agent tells me the same thing. I’m like no fucking way! I’ll just have to get home late.

Then, God happened. lol

As I was walking away from the ticket counter, my phone buzzed. It’s a notification from Delta that my flight was delayed. Oh no!!! Not THIS shyt again!!! FML!!

I open it up and I have the option to change my flight. FREE OF CHARGE! And, the flight I wanted was available! Yayyyyyyy!!!! Look at God!!

I went right on back up to the same lady at the ticket counter and said, (with a big ass smile) um, yeah, so since my original flight was delayed, Delta let me change my flight for free. I need new boarding passes, bih. Okay, I didn’t say bih…out loud. lol

They rerouted my luggage and everything. I was back at home by the time my original flight would have landed.

Ain’t God good?! I did a small praise break at the ticket counter when I got my new boarding passes.

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