Impromptu Sex is the Best

I’m on my way to my training and guess who calls? Tom. Haha! I decided to fuck with him and invite him to come spend some time with me at the hotel. I wasn’t really expecting him to agree since it was short notice. I was really expecting a bunch of excuses as to why he couldn’t. The drive, had something to do the next day, too short notice, the drive…

It shocked the shyt out of me when he said okay. I was like for real? You know it’s a 6 hour drive for you, right?! All he said was he was on his way. Well, damn! He made it around 9pm, just as I was making it back from the opening session.

He set the mood in the room, while I was in the bathroom taking a shower. We both had stopped by the liquor store and picked up the same damn thing. I guess we know each other well. lol He picked up some glasses, candles, fruit, cheese, crackers, and roses. He had Pandora playing through a portable speaker and had porn playing through his phone that was connected to the tv. I came out of the shower like, damn, playa, you went all out on short notice!

He showered while I sipped on some wine and ate a little. I was all into the porn playing though…doing a little pre-gaming…

We tried to make small talk when he got out the shower, but it was a fail. I was ready to get to the business. The porn had me turned on…him, too, since when I reached down to touch him, he was rock hard.

He came FOUR times during the first session. FOUR!! I wouldn’t have believed him if he hadn’t pulled out and showed me all four times. Shytttttttttt!!! I loved that shyt! LOVED it!!! Of course, I had multiple orgasms as always. He knows exactly where my spot is and goes directly to it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

He woke me up around 1am for round 2 and again at 5am for round 3. I was tired as hell in class the next day. But, was in an awesome mood!

We had dinner and went to the movies after I got out of class on Thursday. He stayed in the room on his computer, working until I got back. We saw The Fate of the Furious. It was really good. We enjoyed a nice meal. Then, we went back to the room and had a repeat of Wednesday night.

Friday morning, we got in our trucks and went our separate ways…well satiated…with a smile on our faces…

Until next time…


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