What’s So Funny?

I’m chuckling so damn hard right now! I mean, I’m laughing out loud for real. A big, hearty laugh; straight from my gut. Literally, laughing my ass off (did you know you burn calories by laughing?).

What’s so funny? What’s up with the chuckle, you ask?

Harry ass. This dude here cracks me the hell up! He’s so damn lame! Like, ughhhhhhhhhhh, get out my damn face boy!

He’s in his feelings because he hasn’t seen me in awhile. Like 3 months maybe? I’m not sure, but shyt, football season was still going on. lol Dude, you won’t be seeing me for longer than that.

Look here, Harry, I don’t like you. There, I said it. You act too much like a child for me. I’m too grown for this shyt. I’m too grown to be dating someone who annoys the hell out of me.

Then, he had the nerve to ask me, “Why won’t you have sex with me?” CHUCKLE!!! CHUCKLE!!! CHUCKLE!!!!

Look here, Harry, we will not EVER, NEVER EVER, have sex. There, I said it…AGAIN! I’ve told you this several times before. What part of that, do you not understand? I’m not sexually attracted to you in any way. I know you have performed cunnilingus on me before…twice actually, but that shyt was so awful that I don’t even want that from you EVER AGAIN!

Real talk though. Let me stop chuckling so maybe you can get it.

Look here, Harry, I’m just not that into you. Why can’t you see that? This situation is not opaque. I don’t call you. I don’t text you. I don’t hold a conversation with you. I’m not interested in you. AT ALL!

Now, go find you someone else to play with…

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