My Weekend…

Starts NOW!! Well, not technically. I still have to “work” but I won’t be in the office until next Tuesday. I have an out of town training to attend until Friday. Then, it’s off for a girls’ weekend. Yayyyyyyyy!!!!

I’ll get 5 days away from my kids. 5!!! WHOLE!!! DAYS!!! I’m so excited!! I’ll get some much needed me time, and get to turn up with my girls!!! I’m so in need of this time away. Whew!

Here’s the kicker: I didn’t tell my mother about the weekend girls’ trip.  KML She’s going to be madddddd…she’ll be okay though…she’ll get over it. I did try to get a sitter. Well, not real hard since I knew she was keeping them for me to go to the training. I mean, she’ll already have them. What’s two more nights, right? But, I did contact one of my usual sitters and she couldn’t do it. So, I said oh well… That’s what grandparents are for, right?

When I get back, I’ll have 3 weeks until MEXICO!!!!! Yasssssssss, bih!! I’m soooooo ready!!!!!

13 more minutes until I’m outta here!!! I’m tired of trying to look busy…kml


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