Tired from the Weekend

I had a nice time with my girls this weekend. It wasn’t as epic as it usually is do to all of the rain and gloomy, gray weather all weekend. We made the most of it though…wasn’t going to let a little rain and gray skies ruin our trip.

We managed to do everything on our itinerary except our volunteer activity, which had been postponed due to the rain. We clubbed. We ate good. We shopped. We had a great time.

I was tired as hell from all of the activities of the last 5 days; traveling, driving, sexing, clubbing, very little sleep. I was so glad that I had yesterday off. I did not want to let the bed go. I got the kids ready for school, dropped them off, and got back in the bed. I didn’t even eat breakfast yesterday. lmao

3 more weeks until Mexico!!! Gotta rest up for this one. It’s going to be EPIC!!


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