Me Day?

I was supposed to have a me day today. After working and being up for over 36 hours yesterday, I NEEDED this. Unfortunately, that did not pan out due to my kids having obligations. I’m pissed off about it, too. Like, damn it! Can I just get some peace? Can I just get some time by my damn self?

I seriously needed this break, too. I need a manicure and pedicure. I was so looking forward to the feel of the hot stones on my legs and feet; the paraffin on my hands. The peaceful serenity of no one calling my name or having to tell anyone to go sit back down while I was being serviced.

I was looking forward to enjoying a nice, quiet dinner at my favorite restaurant. ALL BY MYSELF. No one likes it but me, so I rarely get a chance to go when I have the kids. I could have ordered what I wanted and not felt guilty ordering an alcoholic beverage, or two, or three, because there were no little people riding with me.

I was getting a hotel room, too. TV on what I want to watch, and you can bet your ass it was not going to be Disney Jr. Nice, LONG, steaming HOT shower…Sliding naked between the sheets with a glass of wine…not worrying about one kid or the other seeing me naked and asking questions…

I’d even contacted Peter. I know, I know…but I also NEED some sexual attention. He was coming through to give me an unlimited amount of face time. I was fantasizing all about those orgasms, too. I could almost feel them. Gina was throbbing in anticipation. I’d even groomed her up…sighhhhhh…waste of time and effort…

Oh, well…there’s always Mexico…this is just helping to encourage me to not come back…

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