2 Weeks…Tops

And, just like that, Tom is back to calling and texting and shyt. Starting texting and calling on Friday. Nigga, what you want?! Ohhhhh, I know! Some pussy!!! Not, just any ol’ pussy though…you want MY pussy!!! Oh, he started out asking about the kids. But, it quickly turned into “my dick hard.” He can never go more than 2 weeks before he starts trying to get back in my good graces.

Well, you, sir, can’t have my pussy! Fuck you! I’m sick of you being pissed off for no damn reason. Damn you! And your dick! I’m good…for now…

I actually don’t really want sex right now. What?! Come again?! I mean, I want an orgasm, or four, but I don’t want to have sex. If that makes sense? Like, I’ll take some head right now, but I don’t really want any penis. And, I don’t feel like reciprocating either. Like, I just want to be selfish sexually right now. And, I can be that if I want to…

I’m not saying he ain’t getting any pussy ever again. I’m just saying not right now…He’ll be alright…him and his dick…


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