The Best Part of Waking Up…

I woke up to Tom’s head between my legs. Now, that’s a great way to wake up! I’d left the door unlocked for him (I BEEN took my keys away from him), and he knows the code for the alarm. He told me he was going to kiss me where he missed me, and he did just that. I came so fast!

The dick was great! He came twice. He wanted to cum a third time, but I was spent. lol

Tom is here for the weekend. I wasn’t really expecting him, but oh well. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and we are going. My friend is now calling him the “wedding crasher” since every time I have a wedding to attend, he shows up to go with me. lol

Yes, I know this post is rather late, or early morning, but I just wanted to get a post in since I’m up. lol

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