Well, today is their wedding day!! And, it’s all a sham! Neither the bride nor groom actually loves the other. They are getting married to say they are married. Sighhhh

Last week, I was informed that the bride is indeed a whore. Say what now?! My mouth was wide the fuck open! I had to ask a couple people and it was confirmed. She’s a whole whore. Here I was feeling sorry for her because I knew HE didn’t love her and was just settling, only to find out she doing the same damn thing! Well, I’ll be damned!

She been fucking a dude for the past 15 years. He’s married and she has informed him that ain’t nothing changing after she gets married. Well damn! They tell me he has a 9 inch dick, soooooo, I guess that’s kind of hard to give up. He’s even been a crackhead during their 15 year span, and she’s still with him, so the dick must be WONDERFUL! lol

She made plans to see this dude for sex 4 days before the damn wedding! She trifling as fuck! I have lost all respect for her. The least you could do is be faithful the week of your wedding. Tuh KML

Now, he’s not short stopping himself. I know for a fact that he loves someone else. He just wants to get married and has been trying to do so for the last 2-4 years. This chick said yes, and followed through with it. lol

He’s not innocent by any means. He’s a whore as well. So, I guess with them both being whores, they’ll make it. lol

Anyway, I’ll be there to see it all unfold…waiting to cough on the part about anyone having any objections…lol


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