Waste of Money

The wedding was beautiful! They spent a helluva lot of money on this spectacle. They did it big big. I usually cry at weddings, but I didn’t shed not one tear this time. lol

Tom and I had a great time though! We drank; there was an open bar. We danced; the DJ did a good job (he’s gotten better at djing). We laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.

We had plans to go out after the reception, but that didn’t happen. We were too tispy to do anything other than walk to the hotel down the street. lol

Good thing we were at the end of the hall because we started undressing before we made it to our room. We didn’t have any adjoining rooms, either! Shooooooo!

I love hotel sex! No one knows you and you can be as loud and free as you want to be.


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