Keep Playing…

Chief is playing with me. So, I sent him a message yesterday saying that I’d be in his area this weekend. He responds this morning that he’s going out of town. WTF?! Look, are we going to do this or not, hell?! I’m tired of this cat and mouse game he wants to play. It looks to me like you scared. So, I just replied okay  and left it at that.

This afternoon, he sends me an article about women’s orgasms. Dude! You playing! You gonna have to shyt or get off the pot! Hell! Ain’t nobody got time for this coy shyt!

I told him he better stop playing with me. Told him that I think he’s flirting with me and that if he keeps on, I’m going to fuck him. Shyt! Someone has take the lead…

He hasn’t responded to that…


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