The Smell of Bleach

When he left for work, I was lying there trying to decide just how I was about to fuck his shyt up. Hummm…I didn’t want to do anything that would land my ass in jail. I’m not quite sure how this nigga gonna react. So, I won’t be just taking a bat to all his shyt, like I wanted to. I have to be subtle. lol

I decided to bleach a few things of his. Nothing too drastic but will get my point across. I bleached his damn bed; sheets and comforter. It probably soaked through to the mattress. Since he doesn’t have enough sense to change sheets between women, I’ll just make sure he can’t use these anymore. You should always change the sheets; no one likes lying in another person’s wet spot. That’s nasty. And, at the very least, you should check the bed and surrounding areas to make sure no one left anything for the other one to find. Dumb Ass! He was just downright disrespectful as hell!

Once I finished, I made the bed up nice and neat. He’ll find it once he goes to get in the bed. Or better yet, maybe she will find it. I don’t really care. I left a note between the pillows on “our” side of the bed explaining it all.

I also left a few notes for the bitch to find. Hopefully, she will find them sporadically and get pissed off all over again. I took a couple of pics for receipts, just in case she decides to come for me. Come on bitch, because I keep all of my receipts!

I closed the door to his room when I left. The smell of bleach should hit him dead in his face when he opens the door.


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