It Goes Down in the DM

I hit that bitch in her DM. Ohhh, you want to leave me a little message. Okay, then. Let’s play bitch…but you won’t like how I play.

All I said was that I got her message and that she needed to move her shyt the next time. We both know about each other, so there’s no need for all of that. She told me she was gonna tell Dick on me and I laughed at the bitch. Then, she BLOCKED me! Why?! I was about to have fun!

She went crying right to that nigga. He gonna call me asking why I contacted her. Because the bitch left her shyt on purpose, that’s why. I had to let her know, I got her message.

So, now he’s all mad and shyt. He found the note earlier, and called me about it. We laughed about it. He must not have seen his bed yet…kml Save your energy, sweetie! Your about to get even more pissed.

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