Super Bowl Sunday

My girl and I went to a Super Bowl party at a local hotel. It was nice. DJs everywhere. Big screens for the games. Game food; all you can eat. Free drinks. What more could you ask for? 

Well, for Atlanta to win. And that didn’t happen. Severely put a damper on how the evening ended. We ended up back at her house after the game. 

Dick hits me up wanting to know where I was. I was supposed to come over after the game. I’d heard from him sporadically during the day so I figured he had changed his mind (he couldn’t get rid of ol’ girl) and I was about to go to sleep. He was like, nahhhh bring your ass on over here. 

I got up and packed up everything. I’d just leave from his house. Took a shower and headed on over. I was glad there wasn’t much traffic. 

I got there and this nigga was knocked out sleep. Snoring loudly. His ass was drunk. I tried to get him to wake up, but he just wrapped me up in his arms and told me to go to sleep. So I did.

But, my foot kept hitting something in the sheets. I knew it was clothes but figured his drunk ass had taken off his shirt in the bed and that’s what I was hitting. Well, I thought wrong honey. 

I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and got up to see what my foot was hitting. Imagine my surprise when it was not his shirt but a pair of women’s yoga pants. WTF?!?! I instantly got PISSED! 

I was ready to fuck up some shyt. Ohhhhh, this bitch wants to play huh? She left those pants on purpose. The bed was made up too well for him to have done it. She knew a female had been over so she left something for me to find. You might forget your panties, but you don’t forget your pants. Okay, dear, I got your message. I’ll deal with you later.

I threw the pants dead in his face and woke his bitch ass up. He, of course, didn’t want to entertain me at that time of night, and threw the pants across the room. Ok. Cool. You don’t have to entertain me. I’ll entertain my damn self later. 

I went to sleep and woke up this morning to his head between my legs. Ohhhh, you thought eating my pussy and dicking me down was gonna make me forget about those pants, huh? Hell nah, nigga! I got my nuts, but you just wait. I hope you enjoyed this time, because it just might be your last. You’re about to be mad as hell with me, sweetie. 

Watch and see…

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