Goodbye Paul

Since I was in the area, I, of course, made an appointment for a massage. It was everything. I truly enjoyed it. However, this time, there was no happy ending. 

I’d already decided that I wasn’t going to go there again before I went. I thought I’d change my mind when I got there, but I held strong. His dick was rock hard, and right by my hand. All I had to do was touch it, as he was already rubbing on my breasts. But, I refrained. 

I think he was confused and disappointed. Like sex with me is a given. Nope. It’s a luxury and it’s been taken off of the table for you. 

He can still give me a massage. He is good with his hands! But, it’s a wrap for the happy endings. 

Soooo, Paul is gone. I’m down to 2.5. 

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