Living in a Fantasy

Where do I begin? All I wanted to do was chill and smoke…hookah that is. People were rolling right beside us, making me kinda want to smoke what they were smoking. I mean, since I’m wilding out right now, might as well. 

I hit up this guy I just knew would have some weed, or at least be able to get it, and asked him to come through. He said he doesn’t smoke, which I found very hard to believe, and didn’t have any but would get some. I was like bet. 

Before he got to the spot, he started talking about having a threesome with me and my girl. I’m not really down for knowing my girl like that, and neither is she, so we passed on that. Besides, she didn’t know this guy so she wasn’t feeling getting down. I had been promising him some pussy for damn near a year and he was ready to collect. Ok. Cool. So, we made plans for him and I to meet up. 

Then, he texts me asking if I was still down for a threesome. I’m like wtf?! He’d shown this chick my picture and she said I was beautiful and that she wanted to taste me. I explained to him that I am a pillow princess, and he said both of them were find with that. It took me a minute to respond. I had to think about this shyt. I’m apprehensive, but I agree to it. 

So, at almost 40, I had my first threesome. It was not all I thought it would be. I mean, it was ok, but it just was awkward. I’m way too selfish for a threesome though. I don’t think I’ll do it again. 

I’m not sure if he’ll get a name. I’ll have to see if he gets another opportunity. 

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