Built a Bridge

And got over that shyt…real quick! So, Tom is no longer in his sucky ass mood. He hit me up Tuesday asking me to see him Wednesday. I had to play hard like I didn’t want to see him. Asked his ass what’s in it for me, and other shyt like that. lol Hell, he’s the one that had issues. So, now you have to make it up to me.

And, THAT he did! He made reservations and we had dinner and drinks on the roof top of a nice restaurant looking out over the water. The atmosphere and service were great! There was even a live band. I was impressed. He’d bought my favorite alcoholic beverage and had it chilling on ice. He had even gone to the sex shop and bought me a new toy. He was setting the mood for a great night.

It was indeed a great night. I lost count of how many times I came, but I do know that he came 4 times. Hell, I was late for work this morning trying to get some more. The sex was amazing. Legs shaking, bed wetting, sheets off the bed, headboard knocking, fuck my hair up I don’t care, ugly face, reaching for shyt that ain’t there…amazing. I got the sauce…he’s knows that I’m saucy…sex with me is amazing, with her it’ll be alright…

Waving my damn hand…

We Gucci…for now…

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