Why you mad?

Tom is mad at me. Why? I have no clue. I hadn’t spoken to this dude since Saturday. When we spoke, I could tell he was pissed about something by his one word responses. I’m like what now? Shyt! I’ve been real good lately; no arguing, playing nice with DV, hadn’t called the other baby momma, I mean why you mad at me?

I called him on yesterday and was still getting one word answers. I’m like, cool nigga. Call me when your period over shyt. I don’t have time for this shyt. I’ve given you basically two days to get over your sour ass mood. If you want to keep your stank ass attitude, that’s fine with me. I hung up. He called me back last night.

So, turns out, he’s not mad at me directly. He’s mad at DV and taking it out on me. Why? Because DV is mad about me. Bitch, why? Please explain why you still mad about some shyt that’s been going on for 10 years? Oh, she’s not mad about me, per se. She’s mad about the amount of child support his having to pay. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Shyt, I’d be pissed, too! That’s money out of her house for his pleasure.

Oh well. The price you pay for staying with your lying and cheating husband through 3 outside kids. Did you think child support wasn’t coming? Oh, you thought his dick was good enough to make me forget these kids gotta eat and need clothes and shyt? Bitch, bye!

This was business. Nothing personal. I fucked the nigga the night before and again 10 minutes before we went to court. I would have fucked him after court too, but he was a little salty about his amount. So I played it safe. Didn’t want him to choke my ass out accidently on purpose.

They’ll get over it. Might as well. He’s got a long time before the youngest is 21.

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