So, Harry hits me up last night. I haven’t talked to him in a week. He hits me via FaceTime, but I just let it ring. I don’t want to see you nigga. And, you don’t need to see me either. I waited a little while, then called him like what you want?

So, he all of a sudden wants a relationship. With who? It came out before I could catch it. lol Shyt, not with me. Your lame ass can’t even eat pussy right. I know you don’t think I’m bout to start a serious relationship with a nigga who ain’t even got no job? Like how? Huh? HOW? How the fuck that’s gonna work? Nigga can’t even pay for breakfast. We haven’t been out on a date in months because you ain’t got no money. So, tell me why would I agree to a serious relationship with you? Boy bye…

This nigga working on trying to get disability and ain’t shyt wrong with him. He’s lying about something being wrong with his knee; walking around with a brace on and shyt. And, he’s talking now that he may have glaucoma. Boy, if you don’t sit your lazy ass down somewhere…

Then, he has the nerve to talk about other men as being lazy and bitches. I guess it takes one to know one, because this motherfucker is definitely a bitch. I swear I think he’s gay sometimes based on how he acts. Shyt, who knows, he may be bisexual. But, I don’t know too many manly men who are as petty and bitchy as this nigga.

Either way, I don’t want no parts of a relationship with a bitch ass nigga.

As to not hurt his feelings though, I told him I’d think about it…He can sit on pause…

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