0-100…Real Quick

And, just that quick, I’m back up to four. lol

I have a new prospect. He’s a professional black male, dark-skinned and he is chunky just like I like them. I’ve had my eye on him ever since I met him about 6 years ago. But, I always thought he wasn’t really interested in my type. But, apparently, I thought wrong.

I’m pretty sure that we’ve already started our sexual relationship. It all started with him rubbing my clit. How in the hell he managed to do that, right? Well, it was exposed and he rubbed it. I was taken aback. Like huh? Did he really just rub my clit? And, while I was trying to figure out if he did it on purpose, he did it again. He even got more bold with it and rubbed it with both of his thumbs. It felt good…he could tell.

I’m not sure why I didn’t say anything or stop him. But, I didn’t. So, now, I’m confused. And, I’ll need clarity on this little situationship that we have real soon.

His name shall be Chief.

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