Well, well, well…

That’s what I was saying when I got a text from Chief on Friday. I was expecting it to be one thing, but turned out to be an article about yoni eggs and encouraging women not using them. I smiled and gave a little laugh. GOT HIM! Why? Because him sending this article means he has been thinking about my tight pussy and this was his way of letting me know he wanted to play.

Singing “he had someone but he was gonna be yours anyway…”

How the hell he know my pussy tight? Because he had his fingers all up and through my vagina for about 45 minutes recently. He knows every inch of this bitch now. EVERY. INCH. If he was an artist, he could sculpt it from memory. He asked me to squeeze, and when I did, he couldn’t control his outburst of “damn, you tight!” Hehe…I know! You weren’t expecting that, were you, Chief?

So, now he wants to play. We can play, with caution. I’ll make sure it’s really what he wants to do before we get on down, because once I clamp down on his dick, it’s a wrap. I got some GP and I know how to use it. Plus, it’s pretty. He may not really be ready to take on this beast.

But, I’m gonna give him what he wants…he’s a grown ass man…whatever happens next, is on him…

We have a date for Thursday to discuss this little situationship and when and how we are going to make it even more complicated. I can’t wait…

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