The Exchange

So, last time I posted, DV was supposed to meet me with the kids, right? Well, she contacted me and was like, Tom is going to meet you with them. I’m like, WTF?! See, I knew she wasn’t bout that life. She talked all that shyt about not wanting Tom to know and keeping him out of things, and look what she goes and does. ‘I don’t wanna tell him, let’s surprise him’ Tsk tsk…I kept my end of the bargain. I didn’t tell his ass SHAT! Damn it though…I wanted to milk her ass for more information. Oh well…next time…

So, I met up with Tom to do the exchange and, of course, his dick got hard on sight. I’m like, see if DV knew this, she would have met me her damn self. lol Anywho, he wanted some. I told his ass NOPE. I was going to have a me day, and I didn’t need a wet ass while doing it. He was mad, but I didn’t care. I had a plan…

He hit me up later wanting to meet back up. I had no clothes, no toiletries, nothing. He didn’t care, he offered to buy whatever I needed. He had already filled my tank up and given me money for a mani/pedi earlier. Smdh…I agreed though…I knew my plan would work…I was expecting his call. lol

We met up and had a nice time. The sex was great as usual. He ate my pussy until I came 3 times. Then, proceeded to blow my back out. He must have had some pent up frustration, because he seemed to be punishing some damn body! I didn’t mind though…I like it a little rough. We both had multiple orgasms, which I LOVE! I love to see him bust one and it continues to stay hard so he can bust again. We even ended up getting a call from the front desk about the noise level. KML

Where were the kids, you ask? With DV…yep, she babysitting the kids, while we out fucking. Bad I know, but not my problem or issue. I’m sure she knew exactly where he was. And, I don’t care anymore. Well, I never really gave a shyt anyway.

He was never loyal, let you tell it…


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