You’s a Lame

I’m talking about Harry. This nigga is a straight up lame and I can’t take it anymore.

I decided to stay at a hotel Sunday night and invited him to come see me. Now, of course, I had a motive. I wanted him to eat my pussy and I was going to see what he was working with since he wants to show me so badly. I already know his pussy eating skills are about a 5 on a scale of 1-10, but I gave him pointers from the first time. Let’s see if he took heed.

He arrives super late. Why? Because the nigga is cheap and broke and wanted to make sure that I’d already eaten and drank before he got there. We were supposed to watch the game together and he was supposed to bring pizza and wings. How convenient that his phone died and he couldn’t call me until the game was almost over AND I had already eaten and had a few drinks. BAER But, I was still gonna give him some though…

He gets to the room, and he immediately begins being his usual petty and childish self. INSTANT TURN OFF! I can’t stand a bitch ass nigga. He talks about people more than a female and plays way too much. Ain’t no damn way I can have sex with this nigga.

Everyone is a hater and everyone wants to be him. How? Huh? How? Nigga you ain’t got shyt but 3 roommates and 1 part-time job that you ain’t even working right now. You drive an old beat up car. You don’t wear name brand clothes or shoes. So, please explain to me how they hating on you? I’ll wait…He can’t…

Always talking about people being fat and ugly. That’s all he’s got. His looks. Lord forbid if something were to happen to him to take away what he values most. And, he ain’t even all that handsome. He’s cute and that’s it…

So, yep, I decided within 2 minutes of him being in the room, that I could not devalue my pussy by giving it to this lame ass nigga. He’s like but I brought condoms, showing me a box of Magnum XLs–just like a damn 6 year old. “Seeeee, they’re XLs.” Boy, get on out my damn face and get in that other bed (something told me to get a double room). I have had dick before and you thinking you require a XL condom does NOT turn me on. A regular condom will stretch all the way up to your elbow. I know, because I have tried it. So who are you and your average size dick trying to impress?

I turned over to go to sleep. Five minutes later, I feel him rubbing on my back talking about let me take some stress off of you. I’m like nahhhhhh at first. But, he kept pushing the issue, so I said WTF? Might as well go on and cum in his mouth. It’s the least his lame ass could do. Right? You want to talk to who? Bitch, you can give me head…And that’s IT!

Andddddd, the shyt was wack…so wack that even my doctor could tell that I’d had some bad head the next day…smdh After I finally got my nut, I turned over and left his ass with his dick in his hand. Oh, you thought I was gonna change my mind…hell nah nigga…

So, that’s a wrap for Harry. He has been placed on the DNC list. Yes, I’m blocking your number. Yes, I’m regretting ever giving you mine. Because, no I don’t wanna meet you no where. No, I don’t want none of your time. You’s a lame…


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