Unexpected Phone Call

So, I swear I was just minding on my own business, cooking dinner, and the phone rings. I look at it, and I’m shocked by the name that’s on the screen. Now, what this bitch want? This bitch is Tom’s wife. I affectionately nicknamed her Darth Vader or DV for short. Lol Anywho…what the fuck does she want? I take a deep breath and prepare myself for the worst.

So, she would like to know if my kids, by her husband, can come to a family event this weekend? If so, when and where can we meet? Their dad wouldn’t be able to drive to pick them up due to health reasons. But, frankly, she’s tired of his bullshyt and would like to just keep everything between her and me, and leave him out of everything. I tell her sure. I have no problem with that. We were gonna get back in touch with the when and where because we had to work out the logistics due to both of our work schedules. Cool. Relatively easy phone call. Didn’t have to get into bitch mode. I felt like there was more that she wanted to say, but I was busy, so I kept it short and sweet.

Fast forward, and my plans for the weekend changed from what I originally told her. So, I texted her and let her know. I’m hit with a “We need to talk. Can I call you?” Ohhhhhh shyt, rolling my eyes! What the fuck she got to say? I ain’t got time for bullshyt today. I don’t feel like arguing with nobody today. Shyt! She’s usually full of information, which I’m not so sure she doesn’t realize she’s giving me. So, I say yes. At the very least, I’d get some good tea.

So, she wants to discuss Tom and his cheating and lying. What’s new? So, Tom has a new baby momma (NBM) and apparently, she seems to think she’s different. Kml How cute…we all thought that at one point. Now we know better. Humph Anywho, so NBM has been calling trying to force her baby into the family. Girl, go sit down. Why do you care if anyone sees your child or not? I don’t. And, my children have no wants or needs.

DV gives me all sorts of information on NBM. I know her name (Tom lied about that), where she works, her education level, and how much money she sitting on. See, I told you, DV is usually full of information. She also told me about 3 other chicks he’s messing with. Tom is a very busy boy! That’s why he’s popping extendz and shyt. Gotta keep the dick hard to please everyone. SMDH

We talked for 45 minutes. Apparently, I’m her ally now in the fight against Tom. She tells me that NBM is dumb and stupid. I tell her well, we were both dumb and stupid at one time, too. She tells me, nah, you were never like this bitch. She weak and simple and believes everything that he tells her. Should I take that as a compliment? Lol I told her that Tom has a way of making you feel very special when he’s with you. He can finesse you right on up out them panties. Until you get tired of the lies. So, you can’t fault NBM for dreaming. She’ll learn one day…

I know you all are probably saying, didn’t this bitch just make a post about loving Tom? Let me clarify. I love Tom’s dick and mouth. Those two things have been very good to me. I fuck Tom when I want. I like that control that I have over him right now. I call, he comes. I like the fact that he thinks I ain’t fucking no one else; that he has this pussy on lock down. Nigga please…I’m fucking out of both sides of my panties. I ain’t thinking about you…

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