When it’s cold outside, who are you holding? Apparently, no one for me! 

I had plans on letting Harry hold me, but with this whole snow and ice mess, all of that had to be cancelled. Yep, tonight was going to be the night. I was finally going to give him what he’s been begging for. He was going to get some pussy. Some of MY pussy. He’s so anxious. I’ve told him that this ain’t what he wants, but he ain’t trying to hear that. He was gonna learn tonight. 

I haven’t actually seen him in probably 2 months. We’ve had several dates set up, but for some reason, all have had to be cancelled. My friend says this is a sign that I shouldn’t go there with him. That God keeps blocking it for a reason. Hummmm…I’m not sure about that. I cancelled two because I just didn’t want to be bothered with him. He was sick one time, and now this snow and ice. 

Are those signs? Is He blocking me from seeing what he’s working with? Well, I’ve already seen it, and touched it, but I’m curious to know if he knows what to do with it. He claims he does, but he also said he could eat pussy well, but that was an exaggeration. I mean, he kept at it until he was successful (by that I mean I came), but it took a very long time. The second time didn’t take as long, but was still a long time. 

So, now I’m thinking. Should I? Or, shouldn’t I? What if it’s mind blowing? What if it’s garbage? Either way, I won’t know unless I try it and see. So, we’re going to try this one more time. Now to figure out when?

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