How in the hell did an almost 40yo woman find herself involved with 4 men? How does that shyt even happen? Let me tell you…

So, first there’s Tom. Tom is a department head and I call him bae. He is 6’ (more like 5’11.5”), stocky thick, but solid (just like I like them), broad shoulders, light skinned, curly hair and hazel eyes…handsome. Our eyes locked across a crowded room and I’ve been a sucka for them every since. Sex game 100. From night one, he needed no coaching at all. He knew all the right spots to touch, lick, suck…penis seems like it’s made just for me. Humph…But, I was to later find out that he was married. FML! 10 years and 3 outside kids later, and he’s STILL married. And, STILL lying about getting that divorce. I’m over it, but we’re still fucking. And, he will probably be the one I sneak off with when I’m married. Everyone has that one who could still get it years later. He’s my person. We go through spells of no communication and no sex until one of us hits up the other one with the “hey big head” text. I’ve done some fucked up shyt to this nigga and his life, but he’s still giving me time and opportunity to fuck his life up some more. Only fair, since he’s done a great job at fucking mine up as well.

Next, there’s Dick. Dick is a business professional and what I call my ATL boo. He’s the same height as Tom, big (but flabby), and dark chocolate. He’s teddy bear cute. We met 2 years ago at a club. He said I looked thirsty, so he bought me a pitcher of Long Island Tea. I got fucked up trying to drink that shyt and show him I wasn’t no punk. I waited 3 days to tell that nigga my real name. For 3 days, that nigga was calling me Tonya. Lol After about 3 months of phone calls and facetiming, we finally got a chance to hang out again. And have sex. It was okay. Nothing spectacular though. I should have known by all of the shyt he talked. Sighhhh. His dick is a nice size and he has a nice motion (I was surprised at that since he’s a big dude), he’s just too cocky with it. Like nigga, it ain’t THAT good for you to be that damn cocky. He’s all “daddy this” and “daddy that”…just shut up nigga. Pussy eating skills mediocre, but he will go down and stay for awhile…Can’t improve him though because he thinks his sex game is the best, so no matter what you say, he’s not changing anything. Anyway, so found out that nigga was lying as well. He’s seeing me and another chick. I broke it off with him for about 3 months. I showed up in his city one weekend, and suddenly, he calls me. We picked up where we left off. Or so I thought…turns out chick is now his girlfriend. Well, well, well…

Then, there’s Harry. What can I say about Harry? I call him my filler…I fill my down time with him. Harry is 6’2”, athletic build, light skinned, curly hair…cute, or whatever…We’ve known each other since childhood and reconnected recently via social media. Harry is unstable. By that, I mean, Harry has a master’s degree, but ain’t using it. He’s just drifting through life right now. He’s content with working odd and end jobs, instead of being confined to a 9-5. That’s cool and all, but his cashflow doesn’t afford him the life he’d like to have…a life with me. Lol He’s also petty as hell, almost as much as a female. That’s a turn off for me. I let him eat the cake one night and he’s just mediocre, too. He’s enthusiastic with it, but he’s like Dick…too cocky for his own good. We haven’t had sex…yet. I’m avoiding that because I already know how that shyt will end. Big ass eye roll…Harry doesn’t have a girlfriend, but he doesn’t want to get married. Like, ever. He wants to remain in a perpetual state of boyfriend. I would like to get married one day.

Then, there’s Peter. Peter has a respectable career and is a freak. He’s the same height and build as Harry, but he’s dark chocolate. He’s sexy with it. Peter and I go way back from my college days. We’ve slept together naked several times, but never had sex. We’ve been trying for 18 years, and just never got that shyt right. Until recently. 18 years of build up and shyt talking from him and yep, you guessed it…it was a let down. He has potential though, meaning, he can take constructive criticism. Oh, he’s also married and posts statuses about how much he loves his wife on a regular basis…yeah, right nigga…keep posting until you believe it for yourself. He sends me random dick pics (his), freaky memes and shyt. He also tells me all about him and his wife’s sex life. She’s much freakier than I am (she loves anal, licks his ass and shyt), so why does he cheat?

I said 4 men, but shyt it’s 5!!

So, lastly, there’s Paul. I call him my tender. Paul is a masseuse. And yes, he gives happy endings! Paul is 6’3”, athletic build, chocolate, deep voice, good looking and sexy. When I saw him, I was like ohhh, this is going to be interesting. Didn’t realize how interesting until his dick got hard while he was giving me a massage. It was right next to my hand, and I brushed up against it, and he didn’t move. No flinch or anything. So, I did it again, more purposefully this time. He didn’t move. So, hey, I started rubbing on it. That’s as far as it got…the first time. The next time, he gave me head. The next time…wellllll…he upped his massage game and massaged my walls. Now, he’s hard the moment we enter the room. He does actually give me a massage though, and they are great. He’s good with his hands and his dick. He, too, has a girlfriend. Smdh…

If your girl only knew…fucking with me, she will eventually…

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