Who am I? I’m Scarlet. I’m from a small town in the South, born and raised. I have small town values, but can adapt to big city situations. I’m a “nice girl”…and yes, I have been finishing last here lately. But, I think all of that is about to change.

I started this blog because I’ve been told that my life is interesting. So interesting, in fact, that I need to write a book. Well, I don’t know about that. I think my life is pretty boring, with a lot of fuck ups, but let’s see. My pain…y’all’s pleasure, I guess.

My therapist (yes, I have one…you need to get you one, too) also told me that I need to write my thoughts and feelings down. I never quite found the time to do the pen and paper thing, but this way is much easier. So, you will get to read my most private thoughts and feelings. You’ll get an intimate view of my life.

This blog will be a true story. EVERYTHING in it will be true. No need to lie about anything. You don’t know me. I don’t know you. However, I won’t give out any identifying information. No names; all names will be changed. No details that can positively identify anyone, like he has a birth mark in the shape of a strawberry on the left side of his thigh.  Just in case, I want to run for President one day.  Besides, I don’t want anyone to kill me because of this blog.

But, everything else in these posts will be real. The events actually happened. According to my friends, some of these things will be hard to believe. But, this shyt actually happens to me. For some odd reason. This shyt actually happens to me.

So, take a look at my life and see what I see…my life…as I know it…

Let's Talk About It

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