What am I supposed to do when I’m so hooked on you?


Tom and I have a love/hate relationship. One minute we’re in love, the next minute, we want to kill each other. We have both done some fucked up shyt to each other. I mean, some really fucked up shyt. Yet, we’re still dealing with each other. 

I truly feel like Tom is my soulmate; that we’re soul tied. Or, hell, we were together in another life or something. In terms of the 80/20 rule, he’s 85. When we first started dating, I thought he was THE one. I was hearing wedding bells…until he told me he was married. 

That blew my mind! Like what the fuck?! It had been almost a year. And, of course, I believed all of his lies about getting a divorce. Every single one. This nigga even showed me fake ass divorce papers! Ain’t that a bitch? Humph

I no longer believe the lies. Stopped that shyt years ago. I now believe him for what he’s shown me that he is…a liar and a cheat. And at the end of the day…he’s still somebody else’s guy…

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