Co Parenting

Even though I’ve done this before, I don’t think we did as good a job as we could have the first go round. I’m hoping that things will be different this time.

I waited a long, long, long time before having another child because this co parenting thing, I did not want to do. But, an unexpected pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, sparked my desire for another child. So, here I am doing this co parenting thing…AGAIN…and it’s not for the faint of heart.

It’s not going well.

Apparently, if he can’t be with me, he can’t find the time for the kids either. Here we go with this shyt again. BAER Sick of this shyt!

Like dude, I’m trying to be cordial with you for the sake of our kids. It’s very hard to have your kids ask for or call the parent and they can’t be bothered to answer or return the call. It’s very hard when the child has events and the parent can’t be bothered to show up, even after saying he would.

Why can’t we both be adults and parents about this? Why must I be involved in you seeing your kids? Why when I say you can’t stay at my house, you suddenly have something to do? Why when I say we can no longer have sex, you lose interest in coming to see your kids? Why when I say, I won’t meet you with the kids, the drive to get them is suddenly too long for you to make, even though if I’d have offered you some Gina (vaGina), you would gladly make the drive?

I’m sickud! Come on, daddy! Do right by your kids. Especially since you didn’t do so well by me.


We have a long road ahead. I hope he realizes the error of his ways before it’s too late. I already have one child with a broken father/son relationship. I really don’t want anymore.

I just keep telling myself that I am only responsible for MY relationship with my children. As long as I do not deliberately block their relationship, their fathers are own their own.


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